Tuesday, February 26, 2008

AeA GREEN initiatives ...in the press...

Chris Hansen, AeA’s new President & CEO, has got his finger on the pulse of the high tech community. On February 11th, he brought AeA’s environmental policy efforts to the forefront by announcing Ms. Holly Evans (President, Strategic Council LLC) as an advisor to the association. In this capacity, she will also be available to assist member companies on environmental policy issues at the State, international & federal levels via an acclaimed newsletter “Environmental Issues Update” which analyzes product-related environmental requirements of relevance to the electronics industry.

“One of the biggest challenges facing the high-tech industry today is the increasing number of environmental bills & regulations at every level of government that have proliferated across the country, imposing costly and burdensome requirements on manufacturers, “ said Mr. Hansen. “Under Holly’s trusted and experienced leadership, AeA will be even better positioned to engage this legislation at every turn, and add to our lobbying capabilities around the world.”

(Click here to see the official press release and more details on Holly Evans)

As for the AeA Los Angeles Council (which I chair), we are doing our part to educate members of the high tech community on green initiatives. On 03/20/08, we are hosting an event entitled “How Going Green Impacts The Bottom Line.”

(Click here to see our official press release!) Or scroll down through this blog to see what issues we will be touching on!

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Anonymous said...

Because manufacturing companies in China and India do not have to comply with environmental regulations that the U.S., EU, and other developed countries face, it is difficult to compete on a level playing field. However, "doing the right thing" does have its advantages because "green' manufacturing is being embraced by a growing community. Those companies that are becoming more green, whether on their own or because of increased regulations, need to positively position themselves by communicating their manufacturing/products as socially and environmentally responsible.