Friday, April 18, 2008

Testimonials: Why Join The AeA?

The testimonials speak for themselves:
  • "We rely on AeA to lead the way on a wide variety of public policy challenges around the world" -- Xerox
  • "AeA's education series fills a local gap for Board of Directors. It allows them to continue to increase their knowledge to lead & govern more successfully. The AeA believes Good Governance Matters" -- TriQuint Seminconductor
  • "AeA continues to open doors and provide valuable insight that facilitates the growth of our firm into national & international markets" -- Bridge360
  • "The AeA is truly changing my perception of business. It is the only place I kow where leaders can meet in friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and do business as friends, not as vendors." -- @International Services
  • "With the number of analysts and institutional investors who have attended our presentations nearly every year since 1983, the AeA Classic has proven to be the most valuable financial conference we attend." --Richardson Electronics

AeA provides:
  • Access to investors
  • State, Federal & International Lobbying
  • Insurance Services
  • Government & Commercial Business Development
  • Business Networking
  • Foreign Market Access
  • Select Business Services
  • Executive Education

See the Membership Benefits Brochure

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